Indigenous talent
World class products


The SmartBook factory is a facility sourcing local raw materials to produce and assemble Tablet computers, Electronic reading devices & accessories. Hardware for the Digital education revolution.

The Smartbook

The project is being implemented in line with the Government’s initiative to make education free in Ghana. The Digital Education System(DES) is set up to provide quality educational materials very fast, affordable & accessible anywhere in the country irrespective of infrastructural limitations, social challenges or location.


To support the devices, the factory will assemble accessories including USB charging adapters, Leather pouches, Protective cases & Solar charging power-banks.

The Market

From the factory, our distribution is spread out across the nation with devices being retailed at Bookshops, School libraries & electronics dealers nationwide. We also supply to distributors in other African countries. With multilingual support, the devices can be used anywhere with no Geographic or Demographic limitation.


Even with limited tech-driven local labour-force, we’ve adapted our business model to integrate the local people by training indigenous shoe makers into our production process to manufacture the protective leather cases for the devices.
We’ve stayed true to our democratic technology & business philosophy, offering technology designed for the people, from the people, made by the people based on their needs.

We are green
Eco-friendly production

We adhere to strict environmental protection policies. Our production process is optimized at all levels in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Our suppliers & global partners also adhere to our environmental protection philosophy. Our manufacturing process uses alternative renewable energy in an effort to promote green eco-friendly production.

We create green
and waste nothing

The factory is to invest in a Rubber Tree Plantation, cultivating 200-Acres of Rubber trees to produce latex for the factory for use in making the chassis and protective cases. We use recyclable materials in making our devices & also save trees by promoting paperless education.
We really mean it when we say... we are green.