An initiative that empowers the people & educates the nation

Impacting the Socio-economic fabric of our society.

Quality Education

accessible to all

Students all over the country can access quality education materials at virtually no cost irrespective of infrastructural or social limitations. They can download any book in the educational curriculum wherever they are. A student at one school can benefit from the video lessons from a lecturer in another school.

Increased Literacy for Business development

We can educate illiterate people who can’t read & write through video lessons. Such people will now have a chance to learn new vocations & skills through localized educational materials accessible on the devices. Entrepreneurs ranging from Market women, Mechanics, carpenters, etc. can all benefit from learning business best practices through video lessons created by experts.

Job Creation

As a business pioneering a new industry, we are adding up to the National employment figures massively. Directly we offer jobs in all the departments, indirect jobs on offer include device Retailers, Distributors, Content creators, Software developers, Repairers & many more. Professionals & experts can also earn by leveraging on their skills to create educational materials through audiobooks & video lessons.


Government Spending

Our system will save Government millions usually spent buying & circulating hardcopy books. The Education ministry can circulate books to students across the country at virtually no cost. All they need to do is upload the books to our servers & students all over the country can download the books wherever they are for free.

Piracy and Copyright protection

Authors & producers will benefit greatly from this system. Our controlled marketplace, devices & user-base creates a platform where content creators will be free from piracy plaguing the industry. People can now buy Books, Audio & other content since it is readily available to them at reasonable prices through our accessible piracy-free content marketplace. An author can write a book & publish it to millions of readers right from home with no printing cost or budget.